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Friday, July 15, 2005

Friday nights

Used to be, Friday nights I'd stumble, either from whisky or fatigue, home, the best Thai takeout in the city under one arm, a Cafe Selmarie dessert under the other, and spend the evening in my beautiful apartment. I'd light candles all around, and the wood floor would gleam almond in their glow. The soundtrack was my boyfriend Josh Collinet doing Afropop Worldwide, and life was bliss.

It's impossible to compare single life to life with Tim. Evenings of adventure with him are in a completely different league with a nice in and a good radio program. Each are perfect in their own way.

Here, I'd considered starting a Friday night movie tradition. I don't know. Tonight wasn't, because Tim begged for granola, and we needed groceries. On the way to the store, I heard the last bits of "Thistle & Shamrock," which melted into "River City Folk," a special Alabama program. It was awesome. (Along with rediscovering Eliza Gilkyson and Martha Wainright, I also heard Richard Thompson do an amazingly hilarious "Oops, I Did It Again.") I came home, turned on the radio again, and spent the evening listening and cleaning. As much as it made me miss Afropop, it made me very happy with what I now have. Well, the kind bud helps, too.


Blogger joolz said...

It's really nice to see you happier, Ellie. I love how you are embracing married life and sort of starting to like Alabama. It makes my heart so happy.

11:31 PM  

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