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Thursday, July 07, 2005

4th of July

We went to the Biscuits game for the 4th. After attending a few sparsely populated games, it was a shock to have to argue over seats at a sold-out game. They were even selling SRO tickets for the walkway between third base and the outfield section.

Note to self: fake nacho cheese is a bad idea. Topping that with Dippin' Dots, even worse idea. DUH, self!

The game was initially uncomfortable, because it was humid as hell, and I stuck to the seat in my shorts, so moving around was nigh impossible. But the weather improved, the Biscuits absolutely spanked the Mississippi Braves (farm team for the Atlanta Braves), and there were throngs of Tim's classmates and co-workers in good cheer.

But the highlight of the evening was immediately after the victory. The stadium lights clicked off, leaving us blinking in the sudden darkness. Then the sound system blared out Lenny Kravitz's "American Woman," and fireworks shot into the sky, seeming right above us, the colorful sparks appearing to fall down on us. For half an hour, we were serenaded by songs with America in their title, and a stunning display of color in the sky. The baseball stadium is bounded on one side by the railroad, and on the other side is a fantastic river-front park. They must have been shooting off the fireworks from the park.

The finale was, what else, "Sweet Home Alabama;" and shouts and cheers shook the stadium like the crash of a wave breaking on the shore when the distinctive opening riff was recognized. Everyone sang along, and I felt a shiver go through me, something I can only think of as patriotism. (Is it called patriotism when it's for your state?) I was in love with everyone and everything during that song.

Can I call myself an Alabamian now? I kind of want to with every fiber of my being.


Blogger QueSaraSara said...

So...um...when you say you topped the fake nacho cheese with Dippin' Dots, you mean you ate nachos and then you ate Dippin' Dots, right? Not that you had a big pile of nacho cheese and you mixed Dippin' Dots into it, right? Because that kinda makes me want to throw up.

7:00 PM  

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