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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Home again

Well, I guess the tide has turned. The home I longed for this weekend was with Tim, not in Chicago where I was. The part that I miss now is family, not the city.

The only time I had a visceral reaction to being back in the city was with my friend Bob. We had a cheap, delicious sushi dinner, and drinks at a cheap dive bar. Maybe it was the whiskies and PBRs we were double-fisting, but that's the part I miss: friends, good conversation in dusty bars.

Also, Sunday morning, I walked through my sister's neighborhood slowly, headed for a cafe more for the experience of being in the hood rather than needing the caffeine.

It was, of course, fabulous being back. But it didn't hurt to leave as much as I expected.

I thought all weekend about how much better it would have been if Tim was there, so I wouldn't have to miss him. And I got ideas of ways to improve our apartment.

The hard part was returning to a cluttered, messy apartment, carpet stained by spills and cat puke after being in airy apartments all weekend that had hardwood floors and high ceilings. But it prompted discussion of how to make things more habitable--a necessity since we're staying for two extra years. So we reorganized the living room and dining room, and it looks more spacious now. I am happier.

But I realized finally that my home is Tim. It doesn't matter (too much) where we're living, as long as we are together.


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