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Saturday, July 09, 2005

Hurricane Dennis

Hurricane Dennis is coming, due here on Sunday night. It's being compared to Ivan, which was our first experience with southern weather last fall. And honestly, it wasn't that scary. Ivan mostly petered out by the time it reached us. In parts. I know a lot of people who were out of power for a few days to a week. Ours just flickered once. The wind didn't even seem that bad.

So I hope I'm being cautious enough this time. I bought 48 bottles of water at Target, and we have tons of dried food. Tim's class and cast have been joking about setting up a cat room in the theatre if the storm gets bad enough that we have to take shelter. And I hope it's just a joke, because we've already evacuated Fergus and Olivia once this year, during a tornado. They didn't deal well with it.

Fuck. I forgot about the tornados that always accompany hurricanes. The full force of hurricanes rarely make it up this far inland, but tornados sure do.


Blogger Meg said...

I am thinking of you guys. I hope you can stay safe and avoid much damage.

4:05 PM  

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