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Thursday, February 01, 2007

New addiction

It's really not been as hard as I expected, giving up cheese. I still eat it in wee amounts (to avoid illness brought on by guilt), like a sprinkling of feta on my leftover lentil soup I ate this evening, or the not-as-cheesy-as-usual nachoes I made in a pinch for dinner a few days ago because we were starved and hadn't planned a real dinner. Even still, my habit of coming home for a cheese and crackers snack was surprisingly easy to move past.

Because I found something new to fixate upon. Last week I was grocery shopping, in the cereal aisle to find some generic shredded wheat for Tim, and came across the toasted oooooats. Ah, generic Cheerios! It was kind of a splurge, because the generic isn't that much cheaper than name brand, but still, I wanted some.

And now I've eaten them every day for the past week. They're a good substitute for pre-dinner, "I have low blood sugar" snacking, and with frozen blueberries, just about the most perfect dessert I can think of lately (seriously!), as well as a good "I can't go to bed hungry" snack. I look forward to my daily bowl in a way I haven't ever done before (well, except for cheese, but that wasn't so much a treat as an entitlement).

Though a doctor once told me Cheerios spike your insulin more than some breakfast cereals (I think he was advocating Special K or something), I still feel like it's pretty healthy, and with blueberries and fat-free milk, my body wins like three times over. Good deal.



Blogger Jen said...

What I really like is honey bunches of oats and plain sweetened yogurt. It makes a way better parfait than you can get anywhere else. Throw in some dried fruit and it's fabulous.

Of course now I'm addicted to hummus, minus the tahini. And baked cruchy chickpeas.

7:23 PM  

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