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Thursday, January 25, 2007


I got the results of a second cholesterol test, and it's 28 points lower than the first one (done one week previous). I don't know . . . well, anything really, about cholesterol, but that seems like a drastic dive in only seven days. But I'll take it. Still in the high-risk zone, but it seems much more manageable than the first score.

And I am taking extreme measures with my diet, so I have high hopes that a healthy score is within reach in a few months.

So I'm exercising, and understanding why people get addicted to the post-exercise exhaustion/happiness hormone rush, but it's still hard to get excited about actually doing it. I've been in a serious funk the past few days, though. It's hard to figure out whether it's PMS-induced, or cheese-withdrawal. I was actually so pissed off for some unknown reason a few days ago that I said, "fuck this cholesterol noise, I'm having cheese." And it wasn't just plain old cheese, it was Boursin. And I loved every single tiny (for even in my "I deserve some happiness!" indignation, I still couldn't put out of mind how I really shouldn't be eating it) bite of it. God it was delicious!

As much as I love being around my classmates again, this school business is getting on my nerves. I have little motivation to sit down and study, when really I should be vigilant so I make straight As again, thus hurtling myself to the top of the scholarship list. Being awarded big sums of money for doing my work well should be good motivation, but right now it's not getting me off my ass in front of the computer to sit down with a textbook.

Plus, I've gotten a few back-to-back freelance jobs (which I suppose should bolster confidence that I'm not actually losing my skill since leaving publishing), and in choosing between reading something that I'm getting paid for, or something that I'm paying for, it's hard to dedicate time to schoolwork.

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