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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Speaking of tattoos

Speaking of tattoos, I think this week's revelries in honor of the end of the semester were a nice gateway to getting to know my classmates better, and them me. I feel hobbled by my shyness at times. I am definitely comfortable around them all by now, but I'm fairly soft-spoken around most. Not the loud mouth I am around real friends. I know that deep down, I'm an interesting, fun, funny person, but I feel like I'm really bad at showing that to new people. Most people are pretty surprised when they find out I have more than tattoos than the average social worker, or that I have a wilder past than my mild demeanor would suggest.

That's why alcohol is the great equalizer. There are just certain barriers that need to be broken down before you can proceed any further getting to know someone, and it helps immensely. I probably would not have had such a long, in-depth conversation with one of my male classmates (with whom I'd never before exchanged two consecutive sentences) about Chicago neighborhoods, race issues, and the theatre scene had we not shared several pitchers of beer. And there's one girl who I always thought was super cool, but I never before knew much what to say to her. I have this vague memory of us on Diversey, our conversation reaching a fever pitch over our love of Thai food. Not that I'm probably going to be quite that animated next time I see her, but now we have a comfortable foundation.

I may have been dancing a little obnoxiously while we played cards at Delilah's, but I feel pretty comfortable knowing the most of my wildness is in the past, and my drunken antics aren't that embarrassing. (Besides. Dancing obnoxiously is part of who I am--er, the part I only show Tim however.)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Le its me Liss. Been reading up on your thoughts very intersting. I did not realize you had moved back to Chicago. I miss talking to you.

9:08 AM  

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