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Go now. Go.

There’s something about Sunday night
that really makes you want to kill yourself
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Monday, August 07, 2006


Goodbye organic burrito lounge
Goodbye swimming pool outside my door
Goodbye lazy Sundays
Goodbye tennis team
Goodbye homophobic, catty co-workers
Goodbye Chik-Fil-A
Goodbye Sonic blended coke floats
Goodbye bead store
Goodbye Publix
Goodbye cheese grits
Goodbye cheese and sausage biscuits
Goodbye "fixin to"
Goodbye 80 degree weather in October
Goodbye spicy white cheese dip
Goodbye employment
Goodbye sucky drivers
Goodbye cheap, big apartment
Goodbye plant-filled balcony
Goodbye driving everywhere
Goodbye star-filled night skies


Hello hardwood floors
Hello third-floor walkup
Hello biking city streets
Hello family
Hello grad school
Hello tiendas
Hello Opart Thai
Hello tree-filled boulevards
Hello Cafe Lula
Hello Critical Mass
Hello origami store
Hello DSL
Hello best friend
Hello buses and trains
Hello lake
Hello street grid system
Hello punk bar
Hello sushi happy hour
Hello First Fridays
Hello my city

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I love this post.

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