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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Home is where the heart is

Or the Tim, I guess.

I was thinking about living here recently. Maybe it was running into Sally in the grocery store, which made things feel small-town and homey.

I watched the news last night, which reported this new development in a cool section of town. The city razed a rundown block and is planning to build restaurants, outdoor cafes, boutiques, etc, in its place. And a downtown alley near the baseball stadium is being considered as a touristy spot for fountains, trees, and cafes and bars. I got excited--then I realized I wouldn't be here to see it.

They broadcast the opening game of baseball on NBC Thursday, and I watched some of it, to see if I recognized anyone in the stands.

When did this become home? I'm going to miss it. I had no idea I'd fall so hard for a small city (and one so filled with suburban nightmares like strip malls).

This makes me think, maybe I can live anywhere, as long as I have Tim. He makes things bearable, but it occurs to me that what I have here, I created myself. I wake up next to him, and he makes me breakfast, but when I go out in the world, I'm doing it by myself.

In the theatre, I'm his wife. But everywhere else, I'm just me. And it's dawning on me just how much I'm capable of.

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