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Friday, March 24, 2006

Growing up and away

Even before I was aware of changing, I was so desperate to show that I had. I don't know why, exactly. I had this idea that everyone had a deep rooted idea of who I was, and I wanted to shatter it completely. Prove them wrong, though wrong about what?

I have a hard time allowing others to change and become someone different, though. I know it's selfish and unfair, but I don't know how to change the gut reaction.

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Blogger Lesley said...

I think I used to get more depressed about people changing than I do now. In college, I remember getting freaked out about everyone growing up and just becoming adults and how we all did that in different ways, I guess. But I know what you mean -- it freaks me out that even the kids I taught when they were in _high school_ have already graduate college, married (some), had kids (more). At least I can console myself that I was pretty young when I was teaching -- but if I think about that too long, it makes it even scarier.

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