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Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Five years ago I was vowing to spend at least 6 months single. I had just gotten out of a long, serious relationship, and I was spending lots of time treating myself gently. Good alone time.

Five months ago I was starting my reapplication process for grad school, and realizing I felt confident in my job.

Five days ago I had dinner on the porch and enjoyed a bottle of wine and a cigarette on an incredible, unseasonable March evening.

Five hours ago I rolled into work, barely on time, to discover suddenly I had twice as many clients as the day before.

Five minutes ago I had a crisis call on someone who did crack yesterday.

Five minutes from now, I'll turn my attention back to work.

Five hours from now I'll be playing tennis with Sally

Five days from now I will be saying goodbye to my sister after her weekend visit here.

Five months from now I'll be in living in Chicago!

Five years from now I'll be done with grad school and hopefully will have some idea where I want to focus my attentions.

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