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Friday, February 18, 2005

Music mixes

I made a mix CD last night. When I start working on one, I get obsessed, and the whole night passes before I realize what time it is. I think this one is a stroke of genius, but it's hard to tell. I think I blended new wave synth pop, angry PJ Harvey, Michael Jackson, dizzy stoner electronica, trumpet-heavy jazz, and alt-country art school with a brilliant touch, though.

But maybe I just stuck songs on there and since I like all of them, the flow sounded good to me. I did try to fit a Zepplin song on there, and it didn't seem to work. When I stopped moving it around in the list, and just took it out, everything fell into place, so maybe the whole mix works.

No one has ever exactly raved about my mixes, though. So this one may fall to the back of the shelf again, along with the rest of my mixes. (But I did, for Joolz, put on another Alejandro. Mixes are never complete without him and his angst. I can't wait for her to hear it.)


Blogger joolz said...

A. Alejandro is so, so good! I cannot WAIT to hear it. I'm slightly obsessed.

B. RE your post above about overstepping: I totally feel you, as you know that I do. It's delicate when it comes to conversations about so called "small talk" topics when what you have to say is so much more than small talk. Talk proudly. I, for one, admire your passion so much.

11:45 AM  

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