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Monday, February 14, 2005

Valentine's Day

When I was a sophomore in high school, a secret admirer left a rose in my locker. I was thrilled--until someone recognized the handwriting on the note as the dorky new kid's. Having a lame secret admirer is worse than not having one at all.

Back in those days, my friends and I would shower each other with V-day flowers. It was always exciting to see how rose- and balloon-filled the main office was today.

When I was 24, I had just started dating my boss, and I took him to an art gallery that was women-run. It was a fund-raising night, and they had art openings, appetizers, and a psychic. He gave me a silver card with a Gerber daisy on it (two favorite things) that said, "Be mine?"

Two years ago, I was dating an impotent depressive. We went to my favorite Thai place and I got us tickets to see Neko Case at my guitar school. A fairly impressive V-day date, in my opinion. During dinner, he snapped at me for wanting conversation because he'd "had a really stressful day." I don't know how he liked the concert, because I ignored him and focused on the great music. After the show, we went home, got into bed--each keeping to our own side--and I thought about how miserable I was. We broke up a week later.

This year, Tim and I agreed to not do anything. Which is good, because he's currently in bed with hallucinations (bad reaction to a cortisone shot he got a few weeks ago), but I kind of wish I had made him a pretty hand-made Valentine. I suppose going home and announcing that I got the alignment fixed on the Corolla is really the best present for him.


Blogger Skeezix said...

Your post made me think about all the valentine's days past. I've had some real winners.

6:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

el, so maybe its not the normal idea of romantic (the whole alignment on the Corolla thing) but come on, its what real life is about. doing something for the person you love that needs to be done. that makes their life easier. i cleaned the apt for chris on v-day and seriously, he was so happy. it was the best thing i could've done.

7:05 AM  
Blogger Megan said...

S and I agreed not to do anything. Now I feel miserable. I swear, Valentine's Days were more fun when I didn't have a boyfriend.

8:32 AM  

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