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There’s something about Sunday night
that really makes you want to kill yourself
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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Saturday night random

I think my hands feel lost without a keyboard underneath them. Folding the laundry tonight, I thought an undershirt was inside out, so I reversed it, only to discover it was then inside out. My left hand twitched for Control + V so it would go back to the way it was and I wouldn't have to turn it out yet again.

I added up expenses for next fall so I could figure out how much financial aid to accept. I don't know if anyone ever turns down portions of what they're offered. Being out-of-state first semester is going to keep us strapped for a while. But it occurred to me that I was basing all the estimates on the entirety of our expenses and financial aid, and not taking into account Tim making an income. Though there's no way to predict what he'll bring in, at least it will be something. I feel a little better.

But thinking about money freaks me out, period, and I'm starting to get really angry for purchasing three small red peppers for $6. That money could be put elsewhere. Like a gorgeous satchel I am coveting for my birthday but would really be horrified to actually own (it costs more than I think is necessary). I hate having money issues. I'm going to be second-guessing every single thing I purchase for the next three months, from groceries to clothing, to a dollar for a coke with lunch.

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