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Thursday, October 13, 2005

A day of work

I feel like I crammed an entire week into today's work. I got tunnel vision and only remember the things directly in front of me, so to recap everything is impossible. I forgot to eat lunch, and only had time later when Sally mom'ed me down to the kitchen to eat with her and Fran. I was able to squeeze the time in because I was waiting on a client to complete an application for childcare before I drove her there. It was a thoroughly stressful, busy day.

This is the way I love my job. When my brain fires so rapidly that I don't have time to second-guess myself--when my body hums with excitement.

The adrenaline charge I get out of accomplishing tasks, no, not even accomplishing them, just doing them propels me on to do more. It doesn't seem right that I should get more done the busier I am, but my brain fogs over on the days I have nothing to do.

It doesn't seem right that a day like today isn't any sort of equivalent to a good workout, because the high that followed me home was equal to the satisfaction that I feel after exercising.


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