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Friday, September 16, 2005

Twice a day

Yesterday, I had cocktail meatballs for lunch and for dinner.

I drank frappe (or sherbert punch, as I call it) twice.

I ate two servings of ambrosia salad yesterday.

Potluck food is pretty damn predictable. (Also unhealthy.)

For the lunch potluck, it was for a reception at the graduation of a work-skills class one of my clients completed. All the food was prepared by the women in the class, and for nine women and a few instructors, I couldn't believe what a great spread there was.

It seemed to be an indicator of the ladies in the class. I listened to them joke with each other and with their instructors, heard an inspiring speech from their valedictorian, and watched their lead teacher tear up as they presented her with a thank-you gift.

The teacher opened the ceremony by passing out envelopes with each woman's name. They contained a list of goals each person wanted to complete in the course of the class. The woman chosen for the closing remarks decided on the spur of the moment that she would share one goal from her list, and asked the others to do so as well.

It was pretty exciting to be surrounded by a group of women who had suffered a lot in their life, seeing them proclaim that they had grown and were raising their lives up.


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