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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Specialization, again

I haven't heard back from the Loyola student advisor. I want to visit campus when I'm in Chicago. I've been perusing their web site a lot, and my previous post about needing to know what specialization I want?

I can't find it now, so I'm not clear if it's a concentration or an emphasis (or even what the distinction between those is), but what interests me is a clinical focus on small-group therapy. It occurs to me that one of my favorite parts of the job is the support group I lead.

I have not been schooled in the art of group therapy, so it's not terribly in-depth, but I do the best I can. Actually, I've never received any guidance or instruction on what the groups should be like, other than "domestic violence education," so I am flying blind, but it seems to be working out well.

The other women's counselor (with whom I alternate sessions) usually shows a video, and asks if anyone has anything to say about it. Well, maybe she asks discussion-provoking questions; I don't know. When I showed a video and asked for thoughts on it, conversation--and thus the end of group--lasted approximately thirty seconds. So now I do more interactive groups designed to spark more discussion and creativity. Today I am having them make collage posters about what it felt like to have to ask for help. Last time I did this, the women spent more time browsing my old magazines than making the posters, so I'll have to figure out how to guide it differently this time.

But I was thinking, why couldn't I base a career around doing small-group therapy?


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