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Monday, March 19, 2007

Projects, projects, projects

One down, one to go, then spring break! I think it's pretty ridiculous that professors at the same school don't discuss when they're going to assign their big projects and come to some sort of agreement that they won't all be due at the same time. I know it's grad school, but still. If you want our best work, don't spread us so thin. My prof for Wednesday expressed some worry that we weren't going to do all of our reading, and I thought, "are you fucking kidding me? Get over it! Of course I'm not going to do any of the 400 pages you assigned us, because I also have to do a group project that day!" Let's be realistic here, people!

Anyway, my group on Wednesday is presenting some mind-numbingly dull stuff about the Safe and Timely Interstate Transport of Foster Children Act of 2006, and because I was the one who wrote up the presentation, I turned it into a script for a talk-show, and I am the host. It includes gems like, "welcome to Policy Hour, your number-one rated show on cable-access television about social policy! And now a word from our corporate sponsors . . ." and "thank you for your poignant and informative perspective! It's important to hear how this bill is affecting real people!" and "As a special thank-you for our studio audience, I will be passing out a handout summarizing this law and its pros and cons! You too can become an expert on the safe and timely interstate transport of foster children!"

I'm currently searching for an empty cardboard tube for toilet paper that I can turn into a mock microphone.

Sometimes I crack myself up so much, I can barely type out my next thought.

Oh well. I figure at least the class will die of laughter, and it's more entertaining for us to present than a PowerPoint.



Blogger cilee said...

You are funny. You could make a Bob Barker microphone out of a dowel rod and a bead!

1:32 AM  
Blogger LE said...

It went amazingly well. My groupmates reminded me that I forgot to include an introduction of myself, so I did, and said, "I'm your host on today's journey through the mountains and the valleys, the long and winding road that is social welfare policy!" I tried to be as unctuous as possible, and I had a hard time keeping my laughter in.

3:31 PM  

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