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Thursday, May 19, 2005

A friend

The day after I started working, I went to a three-day domestic violence training conference in Birmingham. I drove up and roomed with another newbie, the children's counselor in another department. Perhaps it was spending all that time together, the nature of the training, etc, but I learned things about her that she'd probably never told anyone else. Our conversations were really deep and introspective, but, as these things seem to go, didn't really translate into casual conversation when we'd run into each other in the break room after we got back. And our paths don't cross much in our daily work.

Then she was out on maternity leave for three months. Twenty-seven-years old, two step-children and two biological children. How do you develop a friendship with someone whose free time is taken up with changing diapers, preparing lunch for school, picking up kids from day care? (And before you think that sounds assy, the truth of the matter is, I need friends to go the gym with. To go to the bar with. To take a craft class with.) Besides, I rarely believe anyone is interested in being my friend.

But today when we ran into each other in the kitchen, she mentioned the conference, how much fun it was, and how she'd like to "get away" for another one. It made me realize she probably is run ragged with the four kids and a military husband. She probably does need a friend, as much as I do.

I think, once I'm done with the strict part of this diet, I'm going to ask her to have lunch with me.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is your best friend speaking...or writing. I think your life should involve cheese and chocolate croissants too. Maybe not every single day, but surely on the weekends?

Also, I can´t wait til we live on the same continent again. I miss you more than I can say. I´ll even go to the bar with you when I´m in chicago for the wedding.

1:21 PM  

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